Zoom Oil Cleanser - 100ml

Oil Cleanser - 100ml


This is a beautiful, thick and gentle oil cleanser suitable for everyday use.  It won't dry out skin.  Packed with NZ and organic ingredients.  Packed in a clear glass pump bottle.  Simple and wholesome.  Not a chemical in sight!  




Pull hair off face.  Simply pump a few drops into your hand.  Rub hands together to warm and then apply and massage all over your face.  Massage for 20 to 30 seconds to loosen makeup and dirt.  Use a warm flannel to gently remove.  Repeat if necessary.  


Then proceed with your normal Happy Happy skincare routine.


This is a gentle cleanser and is suitable for all skin types.  While it does contain Lemon Essential Oil it is at a minimal level (only 0.2%).  Do avoid getting in eyes.  If irritation occurs wash eye out with warm water and seek medical advice if necessary. 


Please reuse or recycle your glass bottles.  We will refill if you are locally based in Hawkes Bay. Simply clean out and dry the bottle.  Contact us to arrange a time and then visit us.  We will refill while you wait.  



Sunflower Oil (NZ)

Almond Oil

Castor Oil (Organic)

Hemp Seed Oil (Hawkes Bay)

Vitamin E (Natural)

Lemon Essential Oil


Oil Cleanser - 100ml