Zoom Rose Toner - Spray

Rose Toner - Spray


This is a beautiful smelling Rose Face Toner.  It is packed in a glass bottle with a plastic spray lid.  Vegan.


Use before your Hyaluronic Serum or simply spray onto face and neck when you need a quick uplifting refresh.  Rose smells incredible and has been used traditionally in beauty products for centuries.  


You can also use as a room spray or a linen spray.  Simply spray into the air of the room you wish to refresh or spray 30cm away from linen (to avoid water marks).


Benefits of Rose Hydrosol on the skin:


* Anti-bacterial

* May reduce redness

* Contains natural antioxidants 

* Antiseptic properties 



Rosa damascena distillate (Rose), Benzyl alcohol*, Dehydroacetic acid*

* EcoCert 


50ml/1.69 fl/oz

Store out of direct sunlight.  Made in Hawkes Bay.  Vegan.  







Rose Toner - Spray