What a steep learning curve 2021 turned out to be.  I’ve been working with numerous people on things like product testing, SEO, social media marketing and more.  It’s an expensive and time consuming process but ultimately (I believe) it will enable me to offer you the consumer better products.  There are plenty of “experts” who have weighed in and given me advice (wanted and unwanted) and to be honest I got a bit overwhelmed this year and feel like the Happy Happy brand got a bit lost.

As a relative newcomer to the Beauty Industry I was given a rude awakening as to how brutal this industry can be.  Coming in with good intentions of levelling the playing field and providing quality products at reasonable prices was all good and well but the reality is that I’ve been forced to UP MY GAME.  The competition is fierce and they don’t mind getting their gloves off and throwing a few punches. 

Here’s the thing though…  I like a good fight.  

I've made a few rookie mistakes.   I’ve HAD to improve.  I’ve HAD to embrace change and I’m grateful that things have been tough.  That’s when I do my best learning.  “Stretching my brain” I call it to my kids.  Leading by example.  Showing them resilience.  I want to show them that good things often don’t come easy.  

My super clever SEO guy has given me some PRETTY STRICT instructions on what to write in this blog.  He’s been very specific on using KEY WORDS and improving my google search rankings.  As per usual though I intend to do things my way.  I won’t bamboozle you with technical speak and marketing guff designed to coerce you into buying Happy Happy Skincare.  

The Happy Honeys in our advertising are all real life stars.  Real is beautiful.  Life is hard enough without comparing our skin to impossible standards.  What you’ve got already is good enough so let’s work on nourishing that.  Pores exist (photo shop and filters suck).  Every one of those wrinkles was earned dammit.  I also don't judge if you get work done.  Heck. I applaud you.  If tweaking things is what you want to do and you are happy then it's a slow clap from me.  We should all be able to do what we want without being shamed by others.  You do you.  That's your business.  Just use my skincare afterwards.  Your skin will be happy.

Like my skincare I’ll always keep things real.  Sometimes it might even be entertaining.  Geez, I might even get on here and have a rant about the (intact) stray cat my 20 year old daughter rescued and then proceeded to leave behind when she moved out.  FML.  Free cat anyone?  He’s pretty cute...  They called him Sir Stirfry the Mushroom.  Don't ask.

Oh.  Here are some key words so my SEO guy doesn’t lose his sh*t.  Hyaluronic.  B3.  Niaciamide.  Antioxidants.  Aging skin.  Mature skin. Anti-aging.  Flawless skin.  Wrinkle softening.  Vitamins for the skin.  Serums.  Face creams.  Aloe.  Moisuriser.  2022.  Covid.  Night Cream.  Face oil.  Sea Buckthorn.  Jojoba.  Shea.  Organic.  Made in NZ.  Borage.  Evening Primrose.  Vitamin C.  Hemp.  Age spots.  Acne.

I've got some cool plans for 2022.  I hope you will stick around and see how they pan out.  Cheers to my AMAZING retailers who have supported me.  So humbling (heaps of happy dances at my house!!).  Thanks for the support everyone else.  If you made it to the end of this then you actually rock.  Old school rock though as in someone cool like Elvis.  (Not David Hasselhoff as my husband suggested).  Crikey.  

 Mon x