Sunshine, music, beach side massage and skincare

Have you ever woken up and intuitively know that the day was going to be something special?  Three of my favourite things - sunshine, music and helping people managed to come together this week.  I was pulled out of the Happy Happy Skincare lab and (semi) retirement to massage the incredible singers and musicians who are touring Hawkes Bay with the Small Hall Sessions.  I picked up my friend Cat and even when we got lost on the way to the location I knew it was all going to be fine.  The whole (very extended) trip was one long nature filled cruise.  I knew I was being slowed down so I was in the proper head space to do some healing work. 


When we (finally) arrived at the remote beach location you could feel that there was something really special about the energy of the land.  The light was incredible and I wanted to just lay down on the grass and soak it up.  I've been massaging long enough to recognise when I am somewhere sacred.  There was definitely healing energy out there and I was very lucky to be able to work amongst it.  


Picture this - my trusty old massage table was set up on a grassy knoll under a huge Pohutakawa tree, the sun was shining, the ocean is only 100 metres away, there's a beautiful cooling breeze and crisp white sheets on the bed.  Fresh magnesium Calm Balm and Body Massage Oil straight from the Happy Happy Lab is warming in the sun.


Those of you who have been on my massage table know it's not really ever a "relaxing" massage.  I am usually pulled around the body - following the energy (and pattern of tight/sore muscles).  I do what is needed to be done and most of the time the client and I will happily chat away.  Sometimes it is remedial massage and sometimes it is energy work.  It depends what is needed.  This was different though.  I knew I had to be quiet and just massage.  The waves, breeze in the trees and the birds gave us all the "music" we needed.  It was beautiful.  Magical even.


Massaging in the sun was hot work (even with a huge hat and sunglasses).  I was very glad I'd brought my Hyaluronic and Niacinamide serum with me.  That stuff is liquid gold!   I was literally spraying my face with Neroli Hydrosol (new product alert) and then smothering with hyaluronic to draw that moisture back into my skin.  I needed all the hydration and nourishing my skin could get.  It worked too.  My skin was glowing at the end of the day.  (Big pat on the back Monique).


It was a beautiful day followed by a beautiful and very special concert in a gorgeous ancient old church.  When the day was over we drove home under a beautiful half moon.  There was all manner of wildlife around and a huge hare on the road gave us a heart attack and then a huge laugh.  


Things are strange in the world right now.  This beautiful day was a reminder for me that there are some things that are timeless.  Laying on the grass under the sun or moon.  Enjoying beautiful music that touches your soul.  That feeling of diving into a cool ocean or river.  A long drive with exceptional company.  A skincare routine.  Laughing.  Eating beautiful food.  Cold water on a hot day.


Happy Friday everyone.