Happy Spring!


It's a new season and Happy Happy has a beautiful new look to celebrate.  We have embraced a new dark green aesthetic and we absolutely love it!  I feel it suits our company ethos and plant based range.  Most importantly it makes us feel happy.  I hope you love it as much as I do!  You'll notice a couple of name changes like the Hemp & Lemon Cleanser is now simply Oil Cleanser.  And our popular Hemp & Kawakawa Balm is now the Green Balm.  So easy. SO CUTE.  I've also created a bigger Hyaluronic Serum and you can now purchase this in a longer lasting 50ml bottle.


How is everyone doing?  Things are really busy out there.  I hope you are all doing well and coping with all the changes that the past couple of years have been throwing at us.  I know things are really difficult financially.  We've noticed a slow creep up in the price of ingredients and our glass ware.  So far so good though and we are resisting a price increase.  One of the main things for me was creating a luxury product range with an affordable price point.  Us girls want the beautiful things - just at a reasonable price!  Am I right? 


NEW PRODUCT ALERT:  I was getting a few messages from women with a similar problem.  Their significant other/hubby was getting into their skincare!  And they were loving it!  Boys want the nice things too I guess so I've created a beautiful moisturiser for the boys. It's gorgeous and has beautiful non-toxic, soothing and moisturising components including organic Shea Butter, local Kanapu Oil, New Zealand Avocado Oil and organic Jojoba.  It also contains a beautiful organic glycerin which acts as a humectant - pulling moisture into the skin.  It smells divine with Sandalwood and Vanilla oils.  Lab tested - it's safe for three years.  This moisturiser is a perfect introduction to skincare for the man in your life.  Great for soothing after shaving too.  Available online and through our amazing retailers.


Thanks for the support everyone.  I appreciate it and I'm so grateful for the amazing word of mouth recommendations.  They are critical for a small business.  You guys rock.


Monique x