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Welcome to the home of
3 Steps to Happy Skin!

We like the simple things in life and
we like to keep things real and genuine
(especially our skincare ingredients).

We know you are busy so we
will keep this short.

We want you to feel happy with your skin.

Our skincare routine is easy to follow and
good for you. It combines proven active
ingredients with beautiful cold pressed NZ
oils and organics. Suitable for all skin types.
It will hydrate, nourish and moisturise.

It actually works.

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I'm actually lost for words. Not only does my skin feel super soft and hydrated all day, but I can notice the difference in my wrinkles firming and reducing..... it's blimmin magic! It's amazing to see results so quickly and with such ease. Having three daughters doesn't give me a lot of time to myself however Happy Happy keeps it simple and keeps my skin feeling incredible!


Spotted this balm on the Happy Happy instagram story and within 24 hours had the goods in our hot little hands. Worked a treat on our girls (2) & (4). With a rub down before bed they were asleep within minutes. This balm is made with love.


Absolutely loving my skin. Six weeks of using your products and no longer need a filter to hide all my blemishes. Easy to apply, feels and smells amazing! Officially a lifetime user now. 40 years old and my skin feels like its 21 again!


These Balms are amazing people! I use them almost every day. I went a week without just to see if I would feel any difference. Monique has a real talent in producing a great natural pain reliever. I urge you to try it.


Love love love your new Night Cream. This morning when I ran my hands over my face, neck and chest in the shower my skin felt so soft, plump and hydrated. No dry areas on my face from this rash I've had for about four months. A huge thank you from me!


I have really sensitive skin so lots of products don't work for me. A month after I started using the face products I went to a 60th and a friend I hadn't seen in years said to me "OMG - have you had a face lift?". No I hadn't. It is so easy to use and I just love the results. In short it's affordable face care that works.


Loving your skin care! My skin feels amazing and I actually had someone tell me my skin looked great yesterday - they didn't know I was using your products and it's the first time in a long time I have had that compliment.


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